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- Properly working brakes are essential to vehicle safety, and maintenance is the key to reliable stopping power.  Brake pads, shoes, drums, and rotors are made of materials that wear down over time from heat and friction, even in normal driving conditions.  When brake pads or shoes are in need of replacement, your vehicle may alert you with a dashboard indicator light or an audilble indicator ( squealing sound).  It's important to replace brake shoes and pads before they wear out completely and damage more exspensive brake parts.

- Proper brake maintenance helps ensure that your vehicle will come to a complete stop when the brake pedal is depressed.  But periodic replacement of brake pads and shoes can also help you save money in the long run, by preventing serious damage.

- To help ensure optimal brake performance, you should have your brake system checked every 12 months /15,000 miles or based on the vehicles manufacturer's recommended service interval that matches your vehicles operating conditions along with your driving habits, and have brake repair service as needed. 


Tune Ups:
- The engine is the heart of your vehicle.  It's important to keep it healthy to ensure that your car runs smoothly and efficiently.  So whether its an annual check up or a check engine light service, a car tune up is a smart way to help prevent engine issues over the life of your vehicle.
- Our tune up service includes a number of steps to diagnose potential issues and maintan engine components. First, we'll use computerized diagnostic equipment to identify symptoms that could indicate engine trouble. Then a thorough inspection of your engine and surrounding involved components will take place, to pinpoint any problems or worn parts.
- A tune up service is an important part of regular vehicle maintenance.  We recommend a tune up based on the vehicles manufacturer's service interval that matches your vehicle's operating conditions and your driving habits to keep your engine in good runnin order.  If you notice decreased gas mileage, loss of power, abnormal engine noises, or if your check engine light turns on, you should schedule a tune up, or engine diagnosis scan soon.


Steering and Suspension:
- Replace worn, damaged, or missing steering or suspension parts that are not performing as intended.
- Road conditions casue the wearable components to weaken over time reducing the effectiveness and potentially affecting tire wear or most importantly drivability of the vehicle.
- A wheel alignment is recommended when replacing steering and suspension parts because replacement of theses parts can change change existing wheel angles which in end result affect tire wear.


Cooling System:
- Removal and replacement of engine coolant on a regular scheduled basis is optimal for engine performance.
- Cooling system consists of a number of components working together to circulate coolant through the engine in order to keep the engine running at the optimal operating temperature.
- Over time the anti-corrosion and lubricating properties in the coolant begin to break down.  This breakdown allows rust, corrosion and mineral deposits to begin forming throughout the cooling system which could result in overheating and cause engine damage.




- A number of conditions, such as under-hood temperatures, vehicle vibrations, and extreme hot or cold climate conditions can damage car batteries and shorten its life.  If yours is four or more years old, it mught be time for an inspection or even a new car battery.

- If your battery passes inspection, there are a few steps we can take to help maximize it's life. First, we'll make sure it's free of any grease or dirty road grime, which can make the battery run hot and shorten it's life.  Then we'll remove corrosion from the battery cable terminals, and replace corroded cables if needed.

- Proper maintenance can help a battery last longer. A clean battery, terminals and cables help provide dependable vehicle starting and operating power. 

- If your battery was to fail test, we have a full line line of Interstate Batteries in stock.  Interstate battery offers an incomparable line of automotive battery power for all makes and models.  These long-lasting batteries promise to provide equal or improved power for your vehicle.  Whether your looking for superior performance in hot or cold weather or dependable power for long hauls. Intersate has the perfect battery for your drive, along with an unbeatable nationwide warranty.





- Even the most careful divers sometimes hit bad luck on any given day, things like glass, nails and even sharp rocks can penetrate through any type of tire.  Driving a deflated or flat tire can sverely affect your vehicles handling and braking ability.  This is why a timely puncture or flat tire repair service can help extend the service life of your tire.

- During our tire repair service we'll inspect the tire to help determine the cause of pressure loss and whether the tire can be repaired.  If tire is repairable, we'll use a tire repair vulcanizing plug/ patch to restore the tire in accordance with strict industry standards. Then we'll rebalance the tire and rim assembly and reset your vehicles tire pressure monitoring system as necessary if equip.

- If tire is not repairable, we have ability to find a new replacement tire.

- Also if in the market for purchasing new tires for your vehicles we have the sources and outreach to mostly any tire manufactured. 

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